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ODF 8FO | Fiber Optic Enclosures, Optical Distribution Frames

ODF 8FO Single Mode 9/125 SC 1U Fiber Enclosure/Patch Panel with pigtails and Splice Trays

Slide-Out Fiber FDU Patch Panel Housing
Fits up to 72 fiber splices
Fits 3 fiber optic adapter panels
Includes one 36 fiber splice tray
Durable powder coat finish
Made from SPCC steel
Smooth gliding pull out system

Single Mode 9/125 Fiber Optic Pigtails, SC, 12 Strand Jacketed, 3 Meter
Protective outer jacket, which can easily be removed for tighter spaces.
Pre-terminated fiber to reduce installation time and ensure accuracy.
12 Single Mode 9/125 SC connectors ready to plug directly into an adapter panel.

Fiber Adapter Plates
Steel type adapter plates with black paint
SC duplex fiber adapters/couplers
Metal clips secure the adapters/couplers in the adapter plates

1U Fiber Patch Panel with Splice Tray 
Fiber Optic Enclosure/Patch Panel Housing
1U Steel Slide-Out Fiber Patch Panel
3 Meter 12 Fiber Single Mode 9/125 Pre-Terminated SC Pigtail
Adapter Panels
SC LGX Fiber Adapter Panels 
Blank  Adapter Plates
Fiber Splice Tray
1x 36 Fiber Splice Tray

Physical Properties
Powder Coated SPCC Steel

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